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What We Do

We are a complete patient medical research organization fully dedicated to patient-centric research for diseases and cancers, and developing therapies, for those that haven't been afforded access.


At Rubix LS, we use cutting-edge medical research technology to conduct patient-centric research for diseases and cancers. Our focus is on finding solutions for those who have not been able to access medical treatment.


Areas of concentration


Our medical research is designed with the patient in mind. We're developing therapies and products utilizing a culturally centric approach for supporting the patient journey.

Contract research

We're collaborating with the industry to design and execute clinical research with and for underserved and underrepresented patient communities.

federal programs

We're combining mission intelligence, scientific rigor and innovation and speed to overcome public health and government initiatives for greater health research.


We have enabled advanced systems and platforms that allow us to collect and analyze real-time data during our medical research. This information will allow us to make informed decisions and continuously improve our research methods.

Petri Dish


At Rubix LS, we harness the power of data sequencing to accurately represent and analyze patient data drawn from millions of diverse data sources. Our approach prioritizes including underrepresented patient information, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each unique health story.

We view each data set as more than just numbers; they are narratives of individual lives and health journeys. Our commitment is to continue these stories by leveraging these data sets to drive the development of inclusive, potentially life-saving therapeutics. At Rubix LS, every data point is a step towards a healthier future for all.



Beyond our cutting-edge medical research services, Rubix LS is deeply committed to engaging with communities at every level. We're not just conducting research but fostering a dynamic, patient-centric approach encompassing the first and last mile of the patient journey. Our focus extends to participants who are not just part of our studies but are active contributors in shaping the ever-evolving landscape of patient support and research. At Rubix LS, we believe in research by the people and for the people, making every step in healthcare a collaborative and community-driven effort.

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