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Some of the greatest advances in modern technology are a direct result of the “race for space”.  From the transistor to modern computer systems advanced technologies originally conceived in government labs quickly migrate into general use.  Advanced technologies are critical to maintain mission safety on the battlefield.  Equally, technology affects the use and management of vital resources.  Find out how Rubix LS creates novel tools to defeat novel threats.


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Research & Development in Biotechnology 541714 - Primary | Research & Development in Life Sciences (except Biotechnology) 541715 - Secondary | Research & Development in Nanotechnology 541713 - Tertiary | Research and Development in the Social Sciences and Humanities 541720 | Engineering Services 541330 | General Management Consulting 541611 | Environmental Consulting 541620 | Other Scientific & Technical Consulting 541690 | All Other Professional, Scientific & Technical 541990


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