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Rubix LS of Lawrence Unveils Plan for Clinical Trial Site 300 jobs -40,000 sq ft total Serving The U

Local Clinical Research Facility in Lawrence, Massachusetts Unveils Plans to Build Clinical Trial Site for Under-represented Communities

Rubix LS unveils a plan for a 40,000 sq. ft site centrally located in Lawrence, Mass. to focus on clinical therapeutic research needs of the under-represented

August 16, 2021

(Washington, DC/Lawrence, MA) Rubix LS, a Lawrence, Massachusetts business and a leading provider of data analytics for under-represented patients in clinical trials, announced the expansion of its Lawrence facilities. With collaboration from institutional and healthcare partners, Rubix LS will build out a clinical trial site that will total 40,000 sq. ft. It will encompass 10,000 sq. ft of a fully automated digital experience care center to begin facilitating virtual clinical trials and the rest includes a laboratory dedicated to the pursuit of deep genetic research. The expansion of Rubix LS in Lawrence will create up to 300 new high-paying jobs within the next three years in the area’s labor surplus Hubzone community.

Prior to moving forward with their expansion plans, Rubix LS reached out to the Lawrence Economic Development Authority for guidance who then directed Rubix to the Massachusetts Development Authority for further support. The organization is now working with TRIA, a Boston architecture and interior design firm focused on constructing innovative science and technology workplaces.

The expansion will enable the organization to utilize the site to support the community and surrounding area which is comprised of 80% Hispanic and Latino population. The focus will be on accumulating data in support of the research in control and eradication of infectious, rare & oncological diseases.

“We believe that we must be the change agent we want to see in the world,” stated Reginald Swift, Founder & CEO of Rubix LS. “With this footprint, we’re setting our sights to not only support the life science industry looking to make an impact to support therapeutic discoveries for the under-represented populations, but also support our own efforts to bring trust and effective treatments firsthand to the communities we serve.”

According to the 2020 Census, Hispanics and Latinos drove the country’s demographic growth, accounting for 62.1 million people, 51.1 percent of the country’s growth, making up a new total of 18.7 percent of the U.S. population. The Latino and Hispanic population grew by 23 percent from 2010 to 2021. However, clinical representation dating back to 1983 to 2020 reported less than 2.7% of their representation in clinical research. “The health innovation sector has incredible potential to advance health equity, but most industry models do not incorporate an equity lens – risking automation, scaling, and exacerbation of health, racial, and social inequities,” said Chief Health Equity Officer Aletha Maybank, M.D., M.P.H., of the American Medical Association.

Rubix LS has been involved in deep health data analytic and clinical trial research for under-represented populations since 2016. It is known for its flagship StarSense clinical research tool with over 100,000 patients supported for ninety-one diseases,” added Americo Diaz, Chief Engineer of Rubix LS, “Rubix LS is in a great position to further expand our platform for ensuring that we can have effective and vigilant research options afforded to the under-represented communities. We are definitely on our way to scale our impact towards a national and global effort to support research on a new level that brings collaboration and connectedness in clinical research broadly.”

About Rubix LS

Founded in 2016, Rubix LS has become a leader in consulting data analytics for its representation within health research for under-represented communities. Rubix LS mission is to connect and power the world’s health care data through diverse patient analytics. For more information, visit

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