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Rubix LS moves towards a new area of Life Science technology; Digital Life Sciences

February 27, 2019, Lawrence, MA-

Life Science company Rubix LS growth has now expanded to encompass a new direction for the organization; Digital Life Sciences. As new tactics to deploy discovery towards patient-centric product development gains momentum, this new direction will refocus Rubix’s core offerings from its R&D expertise towards a service delivery that will enable tools to augment organizations attempts to reach diverse populations thus creating more effective medical product innovations.

“The ability to shift into the new landscape of Digital Life Sciences if very advantageous to the whole Life Science industry, said Reginald Swift, CEO of Rubix LS. “We have expanded our reach to not only work with commercial companies but patient advocate organizations, non-profit healthcare groups, direct patients, insurance payer groups, hospitals and staff within, to harness the patient’s voice to produce effective products that fulfill their promise long after they are disseminated into the marketplace.”

The new Digital Life Science approach embodies four core service offerings:

Gap assessments – A data-rich, needs-based discovery mission that identifies gaps throughout a life science business and develops a roadmap to outline these challenges.

Business Intelligence – Consulting pod of subject matter experts in research, marketing, regulatory affairs, project management and strategy that can be leveraged throughout any point of your project.

Clinical Trials – Digital enablement of clinical trial programs to reach diverse patient populations with a clear focus on acquiring robust data to create better products

Market Access – Full product lifecycle market strategy to expand products into domestic and international markets along with proper resources to mitigate risk and support scaling based on market demand.

To learn more about Rubix LS, visit their website at

Contact Info:

Name: Yunche Wilson

Organization: Rubix LS

Address Headquarters: 60 Island St Suite 206, Lawrence, MA 01840

Phone: 978-655-6770



We at Rubix LS are digital transformation enablers that bring together the science of product development and digital tools to shorten the gap of patient influence to help the industry make better products. Our primary goal is to eradicate rare diseases. We do this through transformative research and development, engineering breakthrough and life-altering products, sourcing world-class talent to support life science companies as well as partnering with like-minded, influential organizations focused on the same goal.

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