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Rubix LS Expands with Asset Acquisition of Clinbotics


Rubix LS Continues 360 Degree Digital Health Campaign To Diversify Health Outcomes

A respected leader in the life science and biotech product development and research sectors, Rubix LS has significantly boosted its growing digital healthcare campaign through its recent purchase of the assets of a virtual clinical care management company, Clinbotics.

Although the potential of virtual health and telehealth is virtually limitless, even major industry leaders in the healthcare sector have been unable to effectively leverage digital technology to engender new therapeutic discoveries.

As part of its forward-thinking and comprehensive vision, Rubix LS has paid close attention to the rapid and ongoing global expansion of digital health and telehealth. In its latest step to stay abreast of the digital health revolution, Rubix LS has acquired the virtual care management, modernized case management, and telehealth services company Clinbotics for an undisclosed sum. Clinbotics’ firm commitment to advanced technologies and process automation has driven its success in recent years.

The purchase of Clinbotics is a tremendous boon to Rubix LS’s larger campaign to integrate its digital health platform of real-time scientific disease and therapeutic discovery monitoring into an all-inclusive platform that provides real-time care and dispatched services per patient. Incorporating ongoing case oversight and comprehensive data analytics and advisory services, this platform will also offer access to real-world data catalogs that contain up-to-date information on more than 250 illnesses.

About Rubix LS: Rubix LS is an established medical device, pharma, and healthcare R&D organization that strives to close existing gaps in clinical product development. Its team of scientists, researchers, engineers, physicians, designers, regulatory experts, and business strategists includes proven professionals from Fortune 10 companies as well as both federal and international health agencies.

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