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Rubix LS announces new Phase II milestone data analysis in lead combination product candidate Proje

Lawrence, MA – Today, Rubix LS announced the success of a critical milestone within the Phase IIa study of Project Hercules.  Designed as an implantable combination device with wider applications toward targeting osteopenia, arthrodesis and certain malignancies such as onset osteonecrosis, the Phase IIa design study milestone was to incorporate dynamic in-vivo cellular transformation response as well as continued accelerated studies of nano-cyte response.

Designed originally as a filler toward autologous tenocytes, the rapid development of deployment of a nano-scale simplex developed this innovation to rapidly scan cellular deficiencies within a cavitation profile and transform the autologous cells to mold and exhibit behavior as the host cells.

In the analysis of the per protocol population of the 36 week study, which compared the osteoclast reformation as to current hip arthroplasty, patients exhibited the following:

  1. 98% did not progress through further osteonecrosis

  2. No reported adverse events of surgical intervention

  3. Decreased rate of long term post-operative care measures

As this move indicates a substantial development for the future of technology, Project Hercules is on track for completion of Phase IIa studies by the end of Q3 2019.

About Rubix LS:

Rubix LS is a product innovation and strategic solutions life sciences company. We focus on providing advisory, consulting and placement services to organizations in the commercial and government spaces as well as create our own innovative products focused on eradicating rare diseases worldwide.

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