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Reginald Swift of Rubix LS Named BBJ Power 50 Movement Maker

Swift along with the other honorees, was recognized for leadership in creating change and taking actionable steps for equity, inclusion, and diverse points of view. Reginald Swift is an innovator and a game-changer who started his biotech company in 2016 with only $600 dollars. With a career that started in the aerospace & defense sector, being able to translate engineering, quality, and transformational concepts is a core competency that he has developed over his 15- year career.

Swift voluntarily trained as a polymeric chemist and organic tissue scientist with an interest in designing novel nanoparticle matrices that are effusion models for chemical therapies and entities. His volunteer work at Boston Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital in collaboration with Harvard Medical School and Draper Laboratories has resulted in important discoveries that trace biomarker development and rare cancer nanoparticle effusion techniques into biodegradable conjugates for dermal and implantable modeling. This work resulted in several contributing projects that translated to the broader research community within the Boston/Cambridge life science industry.

The company he founded in 2016, Rubix Life Science, is a leader in consulting data analytics for minority representation within health research. The company’s mission is to connect and power world health care data through diversity patent analytics. Its business lines lie in medical, scientific & technical consulting, business & operations consulting, and innovation consulting. Rubix LS has worked on more than 150,000 infectious disease profiles, and deep analytics that has led to the development of 40+ successful clinical trial platforms for infectious diseases, such as, Covid 19, Ebola Zaire I/II, Legionnaire’s, Listeria, Norovirus, Q-Fever, MRSA, Trichomoniasis, Zika as well as unnamed infectious diseases.

Dr. Reginald Swift

Rubix LS is a culturally centric research firm committed to including minority data sets in every phase of the life science development system. The company bridges scientific and operational expertise with customized solutions to enhance the quality of life of minority groups.

In the fall of 2021, Reginald Swift announced that Rubix LS had launched a dedicated therapeutics division to focus on infectious and neurodegenerative diseases, invested in new facilities, and expanded its clinical research capacity. One main goal is to expand the Rubix LS product pipeline for inclusive health outcomes.

Rubix LS is expanding with a 40,000-square-foot site in Lawrence, Massachusetts to focus on the clinical therapeutic research needs of under-represented communities. It will include a 10,000 square foot fully automated digital experience care center for launching virtual clinical trials. The rest will house a laboratory equipped for deep genetic research. The expansion is expected to create 300 new high-paying jobs over the next three years in the Massachusetts community.

Another goal is to be a diversified employee, while this will enable the company to support its community and surrounding areas, it will also help the company to pull from the community to create jobs for those who are underrepresented as well.

Rubix Life Science’s corporate structure is currently divided into therapeutics, consulting, and data analytics. As a platform for therapeutics, Rubix therapeutics harvest unique genetic qualities for improved minority health.

With a strong therapeutic pipeline; in oncology with project ICARUS in phase Ia clinical trials, neurologic with project APOLLO in phase Ia clinical trials, and orthopedics bone regeneration HERCULES, in phase IIB clinical trials. Reginald Swift has dedicated his career to research in life sciences, specifically to research advancements in the understanding of the causes of health disparities and effective interventions to eliminate health disparities in underrepresented communities.

“Thank you immensely to Boston Business Journal for showcasing the work that I’m accomplishing with tackling health disparities. Rubix LS at once was just an idea in the living room with only $600 when it started,” states Swift.

“It is fitting that Rubix and its CEO are recognized for leadership in creating change and taking actionable steps for equity, inclusion, and diverse points of view. Their hard work on minority health and health disparities is unparalleled and so deserving of recognition,” states Daisy Gallagher, Rubix LS Board Member and Senior Advisor to the CEO.

“The Business Journal takes seriously our mission to recognize the incredible work being done by those across Greater Boston, and we are honored to have that opportunity with these 50 Movement Makers,” said Carolyn M. Jones, Boston Business Journal Market President, and Publisher. “Each of the people on this list is a force in our community and an example of the power that comes from the incredible and diverse talent throughout the region.” Dr. Reginald Swift along with the other Honorees will be celebrated at an intimate cocktail reception on Thursday, November 18th.

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