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Pioneering Partnership to Revolutionize Clinical Trials: 360Medlink and Rubix LS Join Forces

LAWRENCE, MA, USA; MONTREAL, QC, CANADA & PARIS, FRANCE May 31, 2023/ — 360Medlink, a trailblazer in digital health platforms, and Rubix LS, a pioneer in clinical trial data intelligence and research, today announced a powerful partnership that promises to reshape the landscape of clinical trials. The collaboration aims to leverage Rubix LS’ data of over 11 million diverse and underserved patients and 360Medlink’s cutting-edge digital health platforms to drive inclusive, efficient, and groundbreaking clinical research programs. Together the companies combine a long list of clients in the life sciences industry.

360Medilink’s focus on healthcare technology and products explicitly geared to treat unique (or vulnerable) patient populations: patients from marginalized linguistic, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds and those recovering from conditions such as mental health, infectious disease, and cancer.

Rubix’s focus on health research & development for minority patients. Its advanced analytic and innovation engine possesses expertise in infectious disease research and regulatory and product development expertise in several health disciplines.

Harnessing the Power of Data and Digital Health This partnership unites two pioneers in their respective fields. Rubix LS has dedicated its mission to including underrepresented patients in the clinical trial continuum. Boasting a database of approximately 11 million patients from diverse communities worldwide, the company stands at the forefront of combating the underrepresentation of these populations in clinical trials. On the other hand, 360Medlink has been setting standards in clinically validated Digital Medicines (DTx), Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), and decentralized clinical trials since its inception.

The benefits of this synergistic collaboration include: • Enhanced representation: By combining Rubix LS’s patient database with 360Medlink’s digital platforms, the partnership will significantly increase the recruitment and participation of underserved communities in clinical trials. • Innovative solutions: Together, the companies will devise novel solutions to the challenges of lower representation and diversity in clinical trials. • A unique One-Stop shop: The combination will offer a variety of synergies by product, geography, disease conditions, and services. Thus providing considerable value to life sciences companies, agencies, and researchers. • Enfranchising Patient Data: With its global patient community and data owners, Rubix LS will increasingly leverage a formidable dataset to help support new clinical trials, expand research collaborations, and contribute to creating precision digital therapeutics.

A Catalyst for Change in Life Sciences “By bringing together Rubix LS’s unparalleled patient database and 360Medlink’s industry-leading digital health solutions, we aim to revolutionize how clinical trials are conducted,” said Reginald Swift, CEO of Rubix LS. “Our collaboration is set to deliver robust, inclusive, and efficient clinical trial processes, ultimately accelerating the development of life-changing therapies.”

This collaboration has significant implications for pharmaceutical/biotech companies and government agencies, who increasingly search for solutions better tailored for special populations and vulnerable communities. “It will not only facilitate successful patient support programs (PSPs) and enhance performances in clinical trials across various diseases but also stimulate the creation of new medical device software for health professionals.” Said Jean-Manassé Theagène, CEO of 360Medlink.

Taking the Next Step For more information about the partnership and its revolutionary approach to clinical trials, please visit contact and contact

About Rubix Life Sciences Founded in 2016, Rubix LS aims to bring underrepresented patients into the clinical trial continuum through its data intelligence and contract research services. With much of its previous work concentrated on Infectious, Ultra-Rare, and Rare diseases, the company is continuing to drive transformation for patients ultimately and the healthcare systems created to support them. Rubix LS has helped commercial and federal clients from 17 countries and counting. For more information about Rubix LS, visit its website at

About 360Medlink 360Medlink is a pioneer in scientifically-tested digital health solutions. Since its inception, the company has leveraged innovation in Digital Therapeutics (DTx), Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), and decentralized clinical trials. With its subsidiary, MedClinik, based in Paris, France, 360Medlink has successfully implemented successful patient support programs (PSP), created state-of-the-art medical device software, and drove outstanding performance in clinical trials across various diseases. The company’s work spans a range of conditions, including infectious, oncology, hematology, and neurological disorders, amongst others. For more information, visit

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