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Funding Campaign Halfway to Goal for StarSense

November 7, 2020, Lawrence, MA – Rubix LS has announced today that it is nearly halfway towards it funding goal of $1M, at $450,000, for its lead platform, StarSense, a virtual clinical trial platform that has been piloted in the utility of patient testing for the infectious diseases under a Phase I and Phase IIa clinical study.

When we created StarSense, in the beginning, we originally designed the software platform as just an intelligence tool. However, when we deployed this tool for infectious disease programs such as Leishmaniasis and Ebola, we quickly realized that it had several capabilities of managing and recruiting patients for intimate patient development for carrying a patient from a zero level of understanding towards being educated on their own health while being apart of a clinical trial for a deadly disease, mentions Reginald Swift, Founder & CEO.

Following he added

We started expanding this platform overseas to do a few things: 1) to actually do the recruiting of patient’s, 2) to learn about the patients genetic dispositions and background, 3) utilize a pharmacogenomic framework that will allow clinical trial sponsors to understand predictive scoring and measures to understand key indicators that may lead to successes or challenges for the clinical trial.

With Digital Health technologies emerging and becoming mainstream in the therapeutic journey for a patient and the broad research community. Rubix LS has deployed this tool as well as clinical educators and experts to focus on bridging the gap of diverse and minority patients within the clinical trial network and thought process. Further funding towards the lead platform will expand the StarSense universe of the ability to store and maintain an exabyte amount of historical and predictive data sets, powered by its Aether neural engine.

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