Rubix Hosting Interns from Lawrence High School.

For a couple of weeks in August, Rubix LS, had the great opportunity to host a couple of interns from Lawrence High School located in Lawrence, Massachusetts.  The program suited toward encompassing first generation low income students and bridging them into opportunities with industry.  

Salem State University, who hosts the cohorts, has matured this program  through the years to stem the disparities of the access to quality education and industry experience of  low income high school/college students.  Rubix, being a local biotech engineering firm, has now opened the doors for STEM and access of homegrown initiatives to thrive in the city of Lawrence.

Providing STEM opportunities to students, Rubix was extremely happy to host two interns from the Salem State Upward Bound Program to engage in an exercise of learning basic techniques of engineering.

In the brief period in which Rubix hosted the interns, they've participated in developing techniques in understanding value based engineering and also learning how interrelated science and engineering truly is in the world around us. 

We're happy to continue being a leader in the community championing the need for extensive growth of the STEM sector for generations to come.