Reaching for the Stars

It's been an exciting week for us.  First, we launch our re-brand of our company Rubix LS, and, second, we're taking actionable steps further with collaboration for NASA on assisting  future missions of space exploration, by being able to develop technologies for wound care and non-invasive surgical devices in highly-pressurized and zero-gravity environments.

"Being able to meet the challenges of life exploration in space and developing solutions that can move from this world to the next is exciting!" says Rubix Associate Technical Consultant, Amer Diaz.

"We're at the intersection of Life & Science, this is what our name means; so if life will take us to other worlds, we should develop the solutions that can enable us to explore further" Says CEO Reginald Swift.

Although early in our endeavors, our ongoing exploratory discovery platform will allow us to continue to galvanize a stronger bond with NASA itself and also the men and women that will be the frontier engineers to help humankind explore further.