Engineering is more than simple design and simulation.  Today’s engineer blends form, function, art and manufacturability using tools that intersect all of these planes.  With access to powerful prototyping and testing facilities, we engineer solutions.

Engineering.  Other than magic, it is the core discipline that translates concepts into a real viable product.  We take that to the next level with not just the basic, moderate and expert level engineering expertise, but we also incorporate future competencies that will augment your product to the next level.


Engineering, not magic, is what transforms theory into real world, viable products.  Using advanced design tools, we incorporate future looking competencies into all of our product designs.


We incorporate advanced techniques including 3D printing to create working prototypes. Product testing is completed using full size, working devices that can be quickly modified to incorporate user preferences and ergonomic considerations.


From the very small to the very large, Rubix LS is leading the way in engineering creativity. With in house nanotechnology production capabilities, we can assist you with in vivo chemistry transport, diagnostics and therapy applications.

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